The Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative is a Magento Community Initiative conceived to increase mobile conversions for eCommerce sites.

The Initiative partners with eCommerce System Integrators (SIs) and Agencies to implement and optimize Magento conversion experiments quickly and easily through a community approach of shared industry-wide insights for accelerated learning.

What’s Included in the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative?

For a limited time, qualified SIs will have access to resources and support through our Initiative sponsors:

  • Limited time sponsored access to HiConversion all-in-one software
  • Software success training through on-demand videos
  • Marketing materials to help promote your agency’s involvement in the Initiative
  • One-on-one support to onboard your first four clients
  • Access to an Account Manager to provide consulting for agency growth
  • Shared insights from participating merchants and SIs for accelerated learning

“The Mobile Optimization Initiative has given us a focused understanding of Mobile Optimization and Conversion, allowing us to share information with our developers, our UI/UX designers to create an overall better product for our customers. We have benefitted from developing insights on mobile optimization and shared it to our customers with impactful results.”

– Ali Ahmed, CEO, Imagination Media

Imagination Media

Why Join the Initiative?

A/B testing and conversion optimization are highly sought-after services by Magento eCommerce merchants, but can be expensive to implement and time-consuming to identify winning improvements. Time and money that busy merchants don’t have.

In collaboration with Magento, PayPal, and HiConversion*, the Initiative offers a remarkable opportunity for eCommerce SIs to gain a competitive advantage without any cost to you or your clients. And it doesn’t end there:

Master “customer experience optimization” and provide clients real ROI

Sell and keep more retainers with on-going optimizations and analysis services

Get on-going marketing support to promote your participation in the Initiative

Receive hot new leads from merchants interested in joining the Initiative!


The Initiative welcomes eCommerce Agencies and System Integrators with development capabilities on Magento. To become a member of the Community, System Integrators must be willing to join the conversation and participate in Community calls and collaborate with other SIs.

To get started, you must have at least four existing eCommerce clients on Magento who agree to join the Initiative. These will be the first clients on which you will conduct the eCommerce conversion optimization experiments.

Initiative Qualifications

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy! Complete the Initiative Signup Form and a Channel Consultant from HiConversion will contact you within 48 hours. In your introductory call with your Channel Consultant, we will provide an overview of the program and answer any questions you may have.


An Initiative supported by PayPal, HiConversion, Magento and ShipperHQ

*Funding for this initiative is provided by PayPal. HiConversion provides both expertise and licensing for its product. All tests and results are conducted independently by the community of participants.