Data-Centric Testing Drives Lawn Mower Tire Store’s Revenue Per Visitor Up 24.9%

Redstage Case Study

Lawn Mower Tire Store

Redstage Case StudyLawn Mower Tire Store Case Study

Lawn Mower Tire Store Case Study

About Lawn Mower Tire Store

Lawn Mower Tire Store (LMTS) has supplied its customers with high-quality tires, wheels, inner tubes, and bearings at extremely competitive prices, for more than two decades. By taking a customer-first approach to their business, LMTS has completed more than 50,000 transactions and holds 99.99% positive feedback on eBay.

A robust inventory and fast shipping already set them apart from their competition, but like most eCommerce merchants, they were looking for ways to increase revenue — specifically with mobile sales.

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Leveraging The Mobile Optimization Initiative

Lawn Mower Tire Store was an existing customer of Redstage, an agency partner in the Mobile Optimization Initiative (MOI) community. Being one of the founding system integrators of the MOI community, the Redstage team is dedicated to helping eCommerce companies implement the latest mobile conversion strategies. From the very start, Redstage believed the MOI presented an incredible opportunity to boost mobile revenue for their clients.

Armed with their current sales numbers and conversion rates, LMTS turned to Redstage to help them increase revenue during the 2019 summer season.

Based on the analysis of LMTS sales funnel, Redstage implemented conversion optimizations on the LMTS mobile site — quickly driving impactful results.

Lawn Mower Tire Store Optimization

The Results

To gather real results to tie back to revenue, Redstage used Revenue per Visitor (RPV) as the key metric to measure success. More common metrics used to measure the effectiveness of tests such as Average Order Value (AOV) and conversion rate, can have a negative impact on revenue. Using each of these metrics independently can give non-credible data about the success or failure of an experiment.

Within a one month testing period, the “Sticky Cart Header” experiment saw a 24.9% RPV lift on Desktop, and a 7% RPV lift on Mobile.


Sticky Header Control Screen


Sticky Header Treatment Screen

Type of experiment:
“Sticky Cart Header” experiment

Testing period: 1 month

Traffic by device:


*Based on transactions from June 2018 to October 2018


Desktop Revenue per Visitor Lift*


Mobile Revenue per Visitor Lift

“We were struggling with mobile conversions and the MOI program helped us with the insights and adjustments we needed. This data-driven, forward-thinking program is certainly worth a try.”

– Digital Marketing Coordinator, Lawn Mower Tire Store

Lawn Mower Tire Store

What’s Next:

Thrilled with these initial results, Lawn Mower Tire Store is now rolling out the experiments site-wide, using the data they gathered to capitalize on their full user base. They have implemented a sticky cart for checkout on mobile, and have made the checkout more visible on the desktop.

Lawn Mower Tire Store Sticky Cart Header

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