How does the MOI work for SIs and Agencies?

eCommerce System Integrators (SIs) and agencies join the Mobile Optimization Initiative to deliver added value to customers and create recurring revenue opportunities. The MOI enables agencies to implement and optimize Magento conversion experiments much more quickly than they could in isolation.

 Get started with easy onboarding.

Start your Journey with the Mobile Optimization Initiative

Joining the Mobile Optimization Initiative is your first step towards driving more revenue through your mobile and desktop eCommerce sites.

How does the Mobile Optimization Initiative work

Partner Onboarding in
6 Easy Steps

  • Web 2 Market Development Services

    Step 1

    Join the Mobile Optimization Initiative online and sign the partner agreements, when prompted.

  • Razoyo Consulting and Development Services

    Step 2

    Schedule an onboarding session with HiConversion (the Mobile Optimization Initiative’s software partner), when prompted.

  • Razoyo eCommerce Web Analytics Services

    Step 3

    Use our sales and marketing toolkits to encourage four qualifying merchants to join the community.

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    Step 4

    Initiate the software, optimization practices, and sales and marketing curriculum with HiConversion’s training team.

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    Step 5

    HiConversion will help you onboard the first two merchants so you are comfortable with the process.

    Fly solo by taking the remaining merchants through the Initiative — HiConversion will be available for any follow-up questions.

  • Acquisition Optimization

    Step 6

    Continue to leverage the community benefits to onboard new customers and enjoy a new competitive advantage in the market!

Depending on how successful you are at encouraging merchants to take part, you could complete all six steps within 6 weeks.

“Some merchants are on the edge with signing with our agency. This gives them a small window of what it would be like working with us. This can be a great push and also is a great product to have in our pocket. We LOVE the Mobile Optimization Initiative. We bring it up to most if not all clients/potential clients.”

– Patrick Johns, Channel Manager, RedStage