Leading Magento System Integrators and eCommerce merchants from around the world are joining the Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative to find solutions to increase mobile ecommerce conversions.

The Initiative brings together eCommerce System Integrators (SIs), technology providers, and global eCommerce leaders to help merchants grow revenue on mobile ecommerce platforms. Through the collaboration of Magento, PayPal, and HiConversion*, merchants can quickly get started experimenting with mobile optimization solutions.

What’s Included?

For a limited time, qualified merchants will have access to resources and support through our Initiative sponsors:

  • Sponsored use of the HiConversion software for 60 days
  • Sponsored support from experienced conversion optimization specialists
  • Access to 135 pre-designed mobile ecommerce optimization experiments
  • Global insights into mobile ecommerce optimization trends

An estimated average value of $8,780!

*Funding for this initiative is provided by PayPal. HiConversion provides both expertise and licensing for its product. All tests and results are conducted independently by the community of participants.

What to Expect

After signing onto the Initiative, here’s what you can expect:

  • A short javascript will be installed to monitor mobile conversions on your site for 2-4 weeks
  • Limited time sponsored access to HiConversion software for participating in the initiative
  • Be introduced to a Magento Certified Partner participating in the initiative
  • Identify weak customer experience points and mobile analysis of collected data
  • Get on-going access to shared insights from participating merchants and SIs in the initiative
  • Start applying mobile ecommerce optimization experiments tests and watch your revenue grow!

“The Mobile Optimization Initiative adds a level of credibility to our recommendations to clients. We use it as a tool to focus merchants’ minds and budgets on doing something about mobile conversion. Clients have valued the ability for them to report to senior management about what they are doing to increase revenue.”

– Matt Parkinson, CEO, Gene Commerce



The Initiative welcomes any eCommerce merchant excited to be a part of a community of merchants and SIs dedicated to solving the eCommerce gap.

In order to qualify for free conversion optimization software and conversion consulting, merchants must be on the Magento CMS and have annual revenues of $5 million or more. As the Initiative relies on a community effort, participating merchants must work collaboratively with community partners.

How to Get Started

Getting started is easy! Sign up to the Initiative and a Conversion Consultant from HiConversion will email you within 48 hours. During the introductory call, the Conversion Consultant will assess your mobile ecommerce optimization challenges.