JH is an award-winning digital agency who design and build eCommerce websites, powered by Magento. As a Magento Enterprise Solution Partner, JH is amongst the UK’s best-placed for delivering sites that drive the commerce success for their clients.


With a hat-trick of Magento Imagine Awards for Excellence in Mobile Experience, JH build and design responsive sites for ambitious clients so that their customers get leading experiences across devices, that drive conversions.


A Magento Enterprise Solution Partner


Can you tell us a bit about JH?

JH specialise in delivering Magento eCommerce sites for their clients, that through strategy and unrivalled expertise in development and design, drive the results that transform a business’s story.

Cultivating powerful and long-term relationships with their clients, JH is present at every step of the eCommerce journey. From determining KPIs and building a strategy to making sure stores sit and stay amongst the top of their verticals.

From the outset, they get to know the business goals and objectives of their clients, and roadmap strategically using their knowledge of this ever-evolving industry, current best practice, and what the eCommerce future is going to look like. With experience across all verticals, the team become experts, whatever the industry their client is in.

With a hat-trick of Magento Imagine Awards for Excellence in Mobile Experience, JH can say with confidence that they’re amongst the leaders in building and designing responsive sites, and have been for some time, always devising and pushing technologies to achieve the best results.

Can you tell us about the merchants you work with in the Initiative?

  • Neom Organics – As Neom Organics won ‘Best Mobile Experience’ at Magento Imagine this year, in the Magento
  • Imagine Awards, the ease of use across all devices and seamless UX design made them a perfect candidate for this initiative to discover what works best for their valued customers.
  • Simmi London- A ‘Fast Fashion’ brand, whose customers are just as speedy to spend on their stiletto shoes, we knew they would be an ideal partner to trial this study to find new ways to increase conversion.

What are some of the challenges you or your clients have encountered with mobile conversions?

  • Could not implement on Simmi due to multi-store/currency functionality
  • Neom Organics have been optimising their checkout and have included Multi-Currency to their offering, since then we’ve come across some conflicts with the Hi-Conversion scripts, where PayPal Express has been intermittently disappearing on the frontend.

Any interesting results you have found with mobile conversions so far?

  • Paypal on the mini basket definitely attracted a quicker order flow
  • Great confidence in using a known/familiar gateway for a faster check out