Mobile Optimization Initiative:
What Partners Are Saying

Results from the first annual partner survey reveal the impact of the Mobile Optimization Initiative on participating Magento partners.

Start your Journey with the Mobile Optimization Initiative

Joining the Mobile Optimization Initiative is your first step towards driving more revenue through your mobile and desktop eCommerce sites.

As we reflect on the first year of the Mobile Optimization Initiative, we wanted to share the results from a recent survey of participating Magento partners.

Incredibly, almost half of you won new business as a direct result of the Mobile Optimization Initiative and all of you intend to use it to provide value to existing and new customers in 2020.

Here is a snapshot of the results of our research and some snippets from the community about your experiences so far.


Agree the Mobile Optimization Initiative is a key business differentiator


Won new business as a result


Will continue to add new merchants in 2020


Gained valuable insights into new optimization and conversion strategies


Use it to provide added value to existing customers

*Survey sample size: 23 participating Magento partners

In Your Words

The Mobile Optimization Initiative is a Key Point of Differentiation

“The Mobile Optimization Initiative helps us deliver better results for my customers and increase retention and loyalty. It further strengthens our role as our client’s trusted advisor. Essentially, it’s just a great way to bring a differentiated value back to the client.”

– Kevin Schneider, Director of Business Development, IWD Agency

IWD Agency

“Our clients knowing they’ll have that regular idea input from us makes all the difference in establishing long-term relationships together as well as enhancing existing relationships.”

– Jamie Huskisson, CEO, JH


“The Mobile Optimization Initiative adds a level of credibility to our recommendations to clients. We use it as a tool to focus merchants’ minds and budgets on doing something about mobile conversion. Clients have valued the ability for them to report to senior management about what they are doing to increase revenue.”

– Matt Parkinson, CEO, Gene Commerce


Clients Report Increased Conversions and Revenue

“Our clients that participated in the Mobile Optimization Initiative got to take advantage of higher conversion rates in some areas. This program allowed them to see the importance of “big data” vs just a theory.”

– Jason Boslow, Manager, Sales and Business Development, Razoyo


“The Mobile Optimization Initiative has given us an opportunity to explore A/B testing in-depth with the support of some fantastic platforms and businesses. One client found they could make £15k extra a month simply by applying 3 winning tests, another is using the results to influence designs for their new website build. It has been beneficial for every single one of the clients that has joined.”

– Sophie Alway, E-Commerce Product Manager, Gene Commerce


“We have a client that re-platformed to Magento 2 and sales dropped by 75% in the first 2 months. We were able to identify where visitors were dropping out of the sales funnel and improve the problem area (checkout process). Sales are now exceeding revenue before the switch. Other clients have seen sales grow substantially after identifying improvements during the Mobile Optimization Initiative.”

– Brad Kort, CEO, Web 2 Market

Web 2 Market

The Mobile Optimization Initiative is Contributing to SI Growth

“Involvement in the Mobile Optimization Initiative places us in an elite group of SIs and has strengthened our relationship with PayPal, Magento, and HiConversion.”

– James Lickwar, Magento Ecommerce Project Manager, IWD Agency

IWD Agency

“Every client we have put on the Mobile Optimization Initiative has seen a positive impact to their business. It reinforces the think→act→reflect cycle. Rather than just implementing what seems like a good idea, it encourages them to refine ideas. We love it! It’s a great initiative that we stand behind!”

– Paul Byrne, President, Razoyo


“Some merchants are on the edge with signing with our agency. This gives them a small window of what it would be like working with us. This can be a great push and also is a great product to have in our pocket. We LOVE the Mobile Optimization Initiative. We bring it up to most if not all clients/potential clients.”

– Patrick Johns, Channel Manager, RedStage


Clients Value the Insight-Driven Approach

“It’s not just the single merchant in a silo comparing themselves to themselves. They have insights from hundreds of other merchants to demonstrate the likely win or fail of a strategy — and that is extremely valuable to our clients.”

– Shannon Kelly, Director of Sales & Marketing, Creatuity


“The Mobile Optimization Initiative has given us a focused understanding of Mobile Optimization and Conversion, allowing us to share information with our developers, our UI/UX designers to create an overall better product for our customers. We have benefitted from developing insights on mobile optimization and shared it to our customers with impactful results.”

– Ali Ahmed, CEO, Imagination Media

Imagination Media

“The Mobile Optimization Initiative has provided our clients with valuable data and insights into the changes they can make on their site to boost AOV and revenue. Seeing the anonymous data from merchants who have or are participating in the Mobile Optimization Initiative, allows clients to see what has worked in the past or what is currently working before making a decision on what to test.”

– Patrick Chang, COO, Mediotype