An on-going experiment to learn, share and grow mobile eCommerce.

The Opportunity and Challenge of mCommerce

Increasingly, mobile payments are playing an important role in this eCommerce trend with mobile eCommerce (mCommerce) reaching an impressive USD $31.8 billion1 in Q4 2017.


Despite this growth, mCommerce continues to lag behind desktop-based eCommerce conversions. Today, over 62% of site visitors come from mobile visitors while only accounting for 23% of total dollars spent.


While mobile devices are often applauded for the convenience they’ve introduced into our lives, the same does not hold true when it comes to mobile shopping. In fact, only 12% of consumers find mobile shopping convenient.


Further, mobile shopping has the highest cart abandonment as compared to tablet and desktop shopping, with some 86% of mobile shoppers bailing during the checkout phase.

Unlike any other form of online shopping, mCommerce presents a unique set of challenges. To cross the gap, new approaches must be tested and explored to help merchants succeed.

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About This Initiative

The Mobile eCommerce Optimization Initiative was formed to understand why the gap in mobile and desktop conversions persists and to provide practical industry insights to help eCommerce providers succeed in mobile sales.

As a collaboration between Magento, PayPal, and HiConversion*, this initiative intends to create an open sharing network where Magento System Integrators and their merchants can freely share and learn from each other’s successes and setbacks.

Understanding that all merchant sites and their buyers are unique, this initiative does not set out to establish a rigid set of best practices. Instead, this initiative aims to give participants useful insights into what mobile practices will likely work for them based on the results of similar participants.

“What works for one merchant, may not work for another.”

*PayPal provides funding for the initiative. HiConversion and Magento Business Intelligence provide both expertise and licensing for their respective products. All tests and results are conducted independently by the community of participants.


Our goal is to continuously dig deep into the complexities and realities facing the mobile shopper and how these realities shape their buying journey.

Nothing happens In isolation

Shopping on mobile devices is quite often a completely different experience from shopping on desktop and tablet. The experiments that we run can have both a positive and negative effect on sites depending on the site environment and user preferences. Nothing happens in isolation; every situation can be different from site to site.

There are unintended and unexpected results

Some experiments go more or less as predicted with the only variable being whether the impact or lift of the experiment is narrow or wide. However, some experiments can go in the complete opposite direction of what we predict. We’re finding out that you can’t always predict human behavior and that there can be intended (negative) consequences even despite the best intentions.